Carpet Cleaning Process

Stain removal is always included in our carpet cleaning, as well as any necessary treatment for heavily-soiled traffic areas. We also offer:

  • Protectant – To help prevent and repel future stains
  • Spray Bottles of our cleaning solution for your at-home care
  • And of course our specialty, Pet Treatment. Our Pet Treatment eliminates and kills most all pet stain and urine odors. Due to the enzymes used in our process, these odors will be permanently gone, not just masked.

Having had experience with steam cleaning, Naturalist is aware of the number of problems caused by this method. We have heard from so many of our customers that they had hoped there was a drier and healthier way to clean carpets. Naturalist Carpet Cleaning has provided the answer. There are two main differences between our process and that of our competitors.

First, the process is water-based; however, it uses only a fraction of the water of other methods. There are a number of benefits to this. Carpets will dry in one to two hours versus a couple of days. This eliminates reappearing stains, mold or mildew growing in the pad, shrinkage of the carpet, damage to the flooring underneath, and dirt-attracting residues left behind. You will no longer have to wait to be back on your carpet or worry about the carpet looking dirtier in a few days. By not using an extractor, our process is no less efficient. Although the extractor appears to be removing all of the dirt in your carpet it also leaves just as much water and dirt down under the pad which can create all of the problems mentioned above.

Second, our process does not use any chemicals. Our solution contains stain remover, deodorizer (which does not perfume your home, just kills any odor in the carpet), and sanitizer. This is all non-toxic and enzyme-based, making our process safe for anyone with sensitivities, children, or animals. You do not have to vacate the house. There is minimal noise and no odor.

We ask our customers to have their carpet recently vacuumed before we arrive. Also, because our process is fast-drying it will not hurt furniture. Please have your small items picked up, but we are happy to slide around lighter items for you during cleaning; i.e. couches, tables. We work around the heavier items; i.e. beds, bookcases, entertainment centers, dressers.